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Samuel Gosselin
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Samuel Gosselin Awesome live performance, the kind of band that ROCKS the place! Favorite track: Enough is enough.
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Enregistré Live et mixé au studio Mandragore (MTL) par David Fournier et Fréderik Labrie-Trépanier
Masterisé Par Alan Douches (WWSM)


released October 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Sandblast Ville Marie, Québec

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Track Name: Fidèles à nos propres démons
.Fidèles à nos propres démons.
Dealing with the pain
Dealing with the stress
Dealing with the shit
That we all have to face

For all that we’ve created
For all times we wait
For all times that we’ve warned you

And we drink all the time
And we god damn smoke
Cause we don’t give a fuck
About the life that you own

We’re here just to see you step-up
So when I say step
You’re better step-up
Track Name: Assume

So now try to feel what we learned you
A simple thing, just be you
You got your own truth
But don’t bite the forbidden fruit
And don’t lose yourself
Like the ones that never find back their beds

Get off the track, smoke crack, fuck the fact
That your life will be ruined
I can stop anytime, anyway
That’s what they say

I don’t need three extasy
Just to get in the party
But it will not be bad
To follow my friends
Because we’re badass
Always living fast
Ain’t giving a fuck about the past

What’s done is done so try not to end alone
I don’t want to live like a king
Because kings don’t have wings
I’m happy with my inner self
So I don’t try to find something else

Because nights are so cold in the dark
And my knife is as sharped as a shark
And my heart slowly dying falls apart
If my soul could escape for a better world
I hope my thoughts will stay and be heard
Track Name: Music is the solution
.Music is the solution.

Sometimes you think you’re lost inside your head
And you feel like there’s no way to find back your mind
Just forget the shit that eats you inside
Music is the solution

People make you pissed off
Talking shit about you in your back
They don’t know what they say
Your girlfriend is a fucking cheater
And now she’s fucking around with your homie
Ho me? You did the same mistake as me

So now I’m just waiting
For the next one
Who’s gonna get down
On her knees

And if you don’t mind
If the sun never shines
Your paradise is clouded
But don’t forget
Music is the solution
Now look at my face
I ain’t got no patience
Music is the solution
So don’t try to fuck with me
Or I’ll fuck you up

All my life I’ll keep the music in my head
The day you will take it away from me
Leave me for dead
Track Name: Enough is enough
.Enough is enough.

One shot one kill
One night with you baby is enough to feel
Lay down in the car with me baby
I’m the best forget the rest tonight you get laid

Tomorrow when you wake up
Call me daddy don’t trust me
To make you feel beautiful

Cocaine cold pain
The train making noise is never close enough
One rush one stone
That’s it motherfucker

Make it sick please girl don’t make it stop
Make it rock until you feelings are at the top
Make it sick in the car with me baby
I wanna taste your pussy
I wanna lose my mind with you
Track Name: Val-Tétrault

I walk face up to the sky
To thank those that passed away
I walk face up to the sky
To thank those who watch me
Who take care of me
I know I won’t be let down
By the ones who believe in me
I know I won’t be let down by my family

Because family ain’t just a blood thing
No it ain’t a blood thing
Now I got all you that follow me
And I have to thank you for this
I will always remember all the good times we had
I will always remember even if sometimes that turned bad
We have to stay strong
Stronger than hate
We have to stay strong
And keep the faith